4 mil AG

Avery Dennison’s AG Clear ix films represent an ideal solution for businesses, educational institutions, public transportation, and any location seeking to mitigate the impact of graffiti and vandalism on their premises. By blending high-grade protection with minimal visual impact, these films offer a smart, cost-effective way to keep glass surfaces pristine and scratch-free. 

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile Protection: These films can be applied to either the interior or exterior side of most glass windows, offering flexibility in protecting vulnerable areas.
  • Graffiti Defense: AG Clear ix films are specifically engineered for anti-graffiti systems, creating a tough, invisible layer that guards against spray paints, markers, and scratches.
  • Maintain Transparency: Despite their protective qualities, the films preserve the natural look of the glass, ensuring that visibility is not obstructed.
  • Ease of Maintenance: In the event that graffiti does occur, the films can be cleaned or replaced easily, significantly reducing the cost and effort associated with glass surface maintenance.
  • Thickness Options: Available in 4 mil and 6 mil thicknesses, these films offer different levels of protection to meet various security and durability needs.