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Quest 1 Distributors

Quest One is a distributor of a broad range of window films and vinyl wrap products for the automotive, residential, and commercial industries.  Are you tired of being just a number and spending money with a company that only cares about moving product?  Do you know your Sales Representative?  Well Quest 1 Distributors is out to change all of that.  We want you as a customer and we’ll work tirelessly every day and provide unrivaled service to earn and maintain your business.  We understand that you can buy product from any number of sources, so our goal is to go the extra mile and do everything we can to help you grow your business.

Meet The Team

Jeff Cohen

I have been in the window film industry for more than 30 years. My first experiences began in the factory where films were made, and distribution services were provided. I spent many of those years in the late 80’s learning how to install window film.
My personal quest in the industry lead me to the retail sector where my company provided window film and car customizing services to the Southern California region. For the past 7 years I spent my time chasing down large commercial projects such as military bases, high-rise offices, apartments, and many federal buildings. I also took pride in being a leader in specialty films for specialty projects such as anti-bird strike projects and anti-fog film installations.
My vast knowledge and experiences are broad, and I am willing to share all of these experiences with my customers. In recent years I took note as to what is wrong with window film service centers. I find that the service is lacking and each company caters to their “pet shops”.
At Quest 1 all customers are equal and valuable to our success, and it is our goal to be of value to your success. I will not allow my customers to feel like a number, or feel like they aren’t a part of our family.

Virgil Ryan


With over 25 years in the window film industry as an installation technician, sales professional, and business owner, I know the daily challenges my customers face and I’m here to help you through them.


My strengths revolve around a few key things. One is the ability to be constantly thinking out of the box and going at a problem to help find a solution along with the development of processes to avoid the repetition of negative value occurrences. Another is being able to provide a level of service which is unparalleled so that my customers never feel alone.


With the support and backing of a global product and a local distributor that actually cares, it makes it easy to support our customers at a level no other supplier can match.