Sunpro Ceramic Black Films

At Quest One, we are excited to offer our line of Carbon Ceramic films, tailored for the discerning installer who values performance and quality. These films are designed with advanced technology to provide superior solar protection while enhancing vehicle aesthetics.

  • Carbon Ceramic 05% (CIB 05): For maximum privacy and top-tier solar control, this film has a VLT of 5%, with 82.8% solar absorption and an impressive IR rejection rate of 80%, making it an excellent option for clients who desire the utmost in privacy and heat rejection.

  • Carbon Ceramic 20% (CIB 20): With a 19% VLT, this film provides a great balance between clarity and protection. It offers 71.8% solar absorption and 68% IR rejection, perfect for those who want to blend privacy with a higher level of natural light.

  • Carbon Ceramic 35% (CIB 35): At 34% VLT, the CIB 35 is ideal for customers seeking substantial visibility with effective solar control, offering 62.6% solar absorption and 60% IR rejection.

  • Carbon Ceramic 50% (CIB 50): This film offers a 49% VLT for those preferring minimal tinting while still benefiting from solar protection. With 51.1% solar absorption and 52% IR rejection, it ensures a clear view out and moderate heat shielding.

  • Carbon Ceramic 70% (CIB 70): With the lightest tint at 76% VLT, the CIB 70 is almost clear, providing a natural look with 42.3% solar absorption and 47% IR rejection. It’s ideal for windshields and front side windows, where higher VLT is often required by law.

Each film boasts a 99% UV rejection rate, aiding in the prevention of interior fading and skin damage. The Shading Coefficient and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) metrics indicate how well the film manages solar heat, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable ride.

Carbon Ceramic films from Quest One not only elevate the look of any vehicle but also deliver on performance, ensuring every drive is protected from the sun’s intense effects.