Sunpro Carbon Black Films

At Quest One, we’re excited to offer the SunPro Carbon Black tint, a superior range of automotive window films designed for high performance and aesthetics. Our selection includes the following product types, each optimized for different preferences and levels of solar control:

  • Carbon Black 05%: With a VLT (Visible Light Transmission) of 5%, this film is perfect for drivers looking for maximum privacy and heat rejection, offering 75.1% solar absorption and 58% Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER).

  • Carbon Black 15%: This film allows for 15% VLT, balancing privacy with more natural light, providing 65% solar absorption and a TSER of 54%.

  • Carbon Black 20%: With 20% VLT, the CBB 20 is a great all-rounder, offering significant heat and UV protection while maintaining a more open feel with a TSER of 51%.

  • Carbon Black 35%: For those who prefer slightly more visibility, CBB 35 offers 36% VLT with a TSER of 42%, alongside excellent UV and IR rejection for comfort and protection.

  • Carbon Black 50%: This film offers a higher VLT at 52%, suitable for those who prefer lighter tints but still want effective solar control, evidenced by its 35% TSER.

Our SunPro Carbon Black films boast impressive solar performance metrics, high UV rejection of up to 99%, and varying degrees of shading coefficients to enhance driver comfort. Whether you’re looking to reduce glare, protect your vehicle’s interior, or enhance its exterior appeal, our range has a film to meet your needs—while ensuring compliance with tint laws.