Silver Reflective Exterior Window Films

R Silver Series Window Films

Delivering Comfort, Energy Efficiency & Bold Aesthetics

With their bold aesthetics, the Avery Dennison Reflective Films deliver a strong visual statement while improving a building’s energy efficiency, the occupants’ comfort and overall value to the commercial building owner.

All R Silver exterior window films provide:

  • 99+% UV block to limit fading and sun damage
  • High level of heat rejection to reducing energy required to cool building
  • Excellent solar heat and glare reduction for enhanced occupant comfort and productivity
  • Bold aesthetic upgrade while maintaining daytime privacy

Reflective Exterior Films

Designed for attractive appearance and excellent solar heat rejection. Compatible with glass window systems. Available in multiple VLTs.

Performs similarly to the R Silver X but engineered for installation on polycarbonate and other rigid plastic substrates.