Experience unmatched protection and energy efficiency with SUNPRO Silver 20 – 9 mil film. This robust safety film boasts a reflective interior, coupling advanced solar control with the added benefit of shatter resistance. With its bold silver exterior, it offers a significant reduction in visible light transmission, allowing only 20% through for privacy and reduced glare. Engineered to block 99% of UV rays, it preserves your interiors from fading and minimizes heat gain. The high IR rejection rate ensures substantial energy savings, while the emissivity feature maintains indoor temperature. Opt for SUNPRO Silver 20 – 9 mil for a safer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient environment.

SUNPRO R Silver 20 – 9 mil Film Specs

SUNPRO R Silver 20 – 9 mil Film Specs

Optical and Solar Properties

Property Single Pane Double Pane
Visible Light Transmitted20%19%
Visible Light Reflected (Interior)61%61%
Visible Light Reflected (Exterior)57%56%
Ultra Violet Block99%99%
Total Solar Energy Reflected50%46%
Total Solar Energy Transmitted15%13%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed35%41%
Emissivity (Room Side)0.910.91
Glare Reduction78%77%
Selective InfraRed Reduction (SIRR)92%92%
InfraRed Energy Rejection (IRER)80%80%
Shading Coefficient0.300.40
Solar Heat Gain Coeff. (G-Value)0.250.34
U-Value Winter (IP)1.080.49
U-Value Winter (SI)6.132.78
Luminous Efficacy0.670.48
Total Solar Energy Rejected (%)75%66%

Mechanical Properties

Thickness9 mil
Tensile Strength at Break28,500 PSI
Break Strength245 lb/inch
Elongation at Break125%
Peel Strength7 lb/inch