SF Matte Films

Avery Dennison’s SF Matte i films are an ideal choice for those looking for both privacy and safety enhancements in their space. Available in both 5 mil and 12 mil thicknesses, these films offer versatile solutions to suit different needs.

The 5 mil film is lighter and works well for general privacy and decorative applications, offering a frosted appearance that scatters light softly. It’s perfect for residential settings or commercial spaces where you want to balance light and privacy without significant alteration to the glass.

The 12 mil film offers the same aesthetic benefits but with added thickness for increased safety and security measures. This film is more suited to environments where glass protection is a concern, as it helps hold shattered glass in place, minimizing risk in the event of breakage.

Both options maintain a clean, matte finish, providing a modern look while ensuring easy maintenance and durability. These films serve as an excellent alternative to etched glass, delivering similar visual appeal at a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re looking to update office partitions, add a privacy feature to a bathroom, or enhance the safety of windows, SF Matte i films are designed to meet your needs with style and functionality.